Frances Plowden METALWORK


Laser cut steel arms, found pieces and mannequin hands. Unusual and stylish lighting for a living room, kitchen or above a bar or restaurant table. 


chandelier by frances plowden

Springs, telephone bells, copper tube, laser-cut arms and fake birds and bird cage


chandelier by frances plowden

Mannequin hands, laser cut steel, telephone bells, fake birds and bird cage


montage of chandeliers by frances plowden

Detail of bird cage with flying birds
Detail of bird cage with miniature forged bars
Detail of mannequin hands with flying birds
[clockwise from left]


chandelier under construction by frances plowden

Forged heads of chandelier arms


chandelier by frances plowden

Laser cut steel, springs, mannequin hands and copper tube


chandelier by frances plowden

Lead spheres, laser cut arms and mannequin hands. 


chandelier by frances plowden

Wrought iron arms with heat twisted reinforcing bar


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