Frances Plowden METALWORK


Garden furniture, sofas and chairs, shop display pieces, basin stands, beds and coffee tables. I create pieces for private and public spaces, indoors and out.


sofa by frances plowden

A sheet steel sofa with upholstered seat.


bed by frances plowden

Forged steel bedstead with rolled-steel frame.


chair and lampp by frances plowden

Sheet steel chair with angle-iron forged legs & detail of laser cut arms on shop display piece.


basins by frances plowden

Row of forged basin stands with angle iron legs for night club, Kings Cross. 


basin details by frances plowden

Forged angle-iron stand for marble basin. Wall mounted. 


bench back by frances plowden

Plasma-cut sheet-steel backing for bench units. Night club, Kings Cross. 


bench by frances plowden

Forged garden bench. Steel rods form the continuous seat and back.  


tables by frances plowden

Coffee tables. Laser-cut steel and glass.



Firebowls and Burners

These fire bowl barbecues are made from recycled car wheels from the local scrap-yard, with hand forged legs and decorative detail.


darwers by frances plowden

Forged fitted wardrobe handles. Herne Hill. 



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