Frances Plowden METALWORK

Gates & Railings

Bespoke window railings security bars which are sturdy and well built, individually designed for each location, adding security to your premises; practical and good looking. Gates in all shapes and sizes to make your premises stand out.


handrail by frances plowden

Handrail, SW9


havelock gates by frances plowden

Gates Havelock Tavern, W14


Feilden Road gate and fence SE24

Security Grilles, SE5 and Railings, SE24


farm gates by frances plowden

Farm gate


gates during completion and then after by frances plowden

Gates during construction and installed, SE22


gate, st michaels by frances plowden

Gates St Michaels Playgroup, SW9


St Michaels detail and aartwork

Details of St Michaels gates & Candelabra


gate at Regent Road with pic of scroll work chalked up on studio floor by frances plowden

Gate, SE24


Cat fence during construction and installed, N4


gate by frances plowden

Gate, SE24



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